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A safe server is a processor which is able to offer access and data storage in the web internet and which complies with the technical and legal regulations of the data encryption. The data encryption is a mechanism of information "camouflage" , information which is only understood by the client and the safe server in the whole process of sending and receiving these data. The technical basis of the encryption process are called protocol. The Bookings Safe Server of Código de Identificación S.L. uses the SSL protocol ( secure socket layer).


Legally, there is a third independent entity which issues an identity certificate which certifies that a determined server complies with all the technical and legal regulations under an encryption protocol. At the same time, it certifies that there are NOT more than one server with the same identity.


When you enter the Booking Payment Form through a credit card, your browser will show you that you are under a safe server.

This can be checked in your browser state bar where it will be shown a close padlock over the inscription security. The same close padlock will appear on the left lower corner of your screen. In both cases, if you just click on these icons your browser will show all the necessary information about security protocol.


The whole files and data which constitute Payment booking through credit card is a safe site in order to make data transactions. That is to say that the whole data transmission from a client and the site is made under a security protocol - SSL on this case -.

The data are encrypted with an algorithm that can only understand the duo client-server, assuring that other people who could intercept the information cannot understand their meaning.


The hiring process of services in the Payment link is based on the account debit with credit card.

The responsibility of the Payment link with respect to the commercial transaction is to assure and to show the client that the data transference complies with all the international security exigencies.

Once you have sent us the booking confirmation form along with your personal and commercial details, Payment Link will proceed to place the order of the booking debit authorization agreed with the issuing company of your credit card, and it will carry out a debit on your account in the name of our company.

This proceeding of debit will be carried out in agreement with the guidelines enforced to Código de Identificación S.L. by the issuing company of your credit card....

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